Hey There, I'm Amy

This incredible journey began in 2005 when my husband and I worked for a video production company traveling all over the country. The following year, we had the opportunity to branch out on our own and add weddings and photography to our services. Our business has grown and changed over the years to allow us to settle down in my hometown of Sandpoint. Here we specialize in scenic weddings, seniors and family portraits as well as high volume sports picture day and business headshots. Our video services are centered around on-stage performances and community programs. We absolutely love our small town life and our North Idaho playground! My husband is a volunteer firefighter, and we have three - make that four -beautiful children. (Recent Maternity Photo by Jax Creations Photography)


My Side Hustle...

Photography is my main thing year round, but I have always had other jobs that keep my life interesting, social and active. I've found that my most rewarding work is in teaching and supporting others in their physical wellness journeys. Over the years, this has been in the form of doula and natural childbirth educator, dance instructor (tap, ballet and hip hop for 3-6 year olds), and most recently as a PE teacher. I am in my second year teaching Kindergarten through 8th Grade PE at Sandpoint Christian School. If I had known how rewarding it was to be a school teacher, I would have stayed on that degree course in college. I was too adventurous at that time, and I'm so glad to have gone through ministry school instead where I met my handsome husband. The reward now is having every student at SCS challenge me to be a better leader, mentor and coach. And I thank God that I can be a part of my own children's success while their amazing teachers build them up academically and socially with the biblical foundation our family considers a top priority.

How I am different


"I want to be where the people are." This tune has been stuck in my head for at least a year. Meeting with clients and making them happy is the best part of my job. And parties... I love parties! I am an ESFP-T, and if you know what that means, then we should definitely get coffee!


I am dedicated to building and constantly improving every aspect of my business. From the right back up gear, insurance, contracts and licensing, to continuing education, competitions and charitable work in my community, I truly love photography as a career.

Family First

I value your time and investment just as much as I value my own. I enjoy making great photos and videos for my wonderful clients. Even more, I love that the work of my hands supports the lifestyle that my family needs to thrive. It is my husband and children that drive my success!

2019 is already amazing!

This year is shaping up to be exactly what I had hoped! The New Year kicked off with a winery wedding and scheduling headshots for a few organizations I admire. And engagement season is here!


I will be on Maternity Leave through the end of March. That's right! Baby Henderson #4 arrived in February, and I am looking forward to winter hibernation with lots of snuggling.


Sessions are limited, so if you are considering booking a specific date before June, now is the time to talk.

How do I book a session?

Let's start the conversation by clicking "CONTACT ME" and filling out a quick form. Then we can learn more by email, phone or in-person meeting. Details are finalized with a retainer and date confirmation. We are paperless!

What does the session include?

All sessions include a formal booking process, preparation guidance, a client portal for all our paperless communication, and delivery of finished images. Each session type has specific product and digital file inclusions.

Amy Henderson Photography | Sandpoint, Idaho