I'm Amy. It is delightful to meet you!


Amy Henderson Photography is based in Sandpoint, Idaho, where fresh mountain air brings out the best in people. I believe in feeling confident in your journey and giving yourself the gift of timeless images to carry with you as you continue on your path.


+ the most beautiful place

Whatever brings you here, I sure am glad to cross paths and have a moment to celebrate something truly important with you.


I have been capturing the major family milestones since 2005, and while the cycle of love and life give me the variety I need, the joy I get from working with people remains a constant.


Three things I love:

  1. Combining naturally beautiful scenery with a clean and classic portrait.
  2. Anticipating the next moment and staying on my toes.
  3. Getting to know my clients and how I can serve, serve, serve.



Thank you for delivering an exceptional product. Looking through these incredible pictures brought the moment back to life, and your work reflects what an awesome experience it was. Don't ever doubt yourself! Timelines can make it stressful, however, your product is fantastic quality.


We appreciate your attention to detail and how much you got done in the short time. Seriously, some of the pictures look like there were a few photographers there taking pictures through our wedding events and it was all you! Stay strong and keep offering your gift to others. We are eternally grateful for your time and effort! Forever we will look back at these pictures with nothing but happiness!



The Huntingtons


Dawn Huntington - Boise, Idaho - June 2020

Amy Henderson Photography | Sandpoint, Schweitzer and Priest Lake, Idaho