a thousand words...

What started as a simple portfolio of my ever-improving photography skills, this site is evolving into my vessel of inspiration and encouragement for the younger me.


If I could reach back 15 years…

I would tell her that she has permission to create, discover and enjoy trying new things.


If I could reach back 10 years…

I would tell her it’s okay to value her time and her talent… and her money.


If I could reach back 5 years…

I would tell her she is good enough. She is smart. She is pretty.


If I could reach back even just one year ago…

I would tell her to do whatever the heck she wants to because she is a force of nature with so much life to give. She doesn’t have to be creative or productive or even humble. If she can give birth to four 9+ pound babies and nurse continuously through every wedding season in the last decade, she can rest. And rest some more. And when her cup is full again, she can certainly charge forward with permission to create again and give her all to the things she loves . *

*My brain is wired to write in puns, but this one was not intended. Not changing it, though!

By the way, these awesome photos ^^^ are the result of hanging out with other really cool photographers. I only wear jeans when I'm out with friends location scouting and testing lights as a stand-in model.


Photos by Michael Kinney

Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Sandpoint, Idaho

Hi, I'm Amy.


I am a Sandpoint, Idaho based photographer with a genuine love for people. I have specialized in weddings since 2006 and have grown in business right along with those families that come back to me again and again.


While I do enjoy a wide variety of subjects and scenes, you can see throughout my work that I love a consistently clean and classic image.


I am also a sucker for having all the right tools to meet the creative challenges on location and the business systems to build a stronger foundation for the future.


Aside from photographer and business owner, my full time life is striving to be more of a modern Proverbs 31 woman. My husband and I have four amazing children that we homeschool and a VERY long list of adventures to do together.


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What I am All about


Pretty much everything about me can be summed up by telling you I am an INFP-A, Mediator. I care about meeting your needs and helping you in ANY way I can. I love creating and being a part of something bigger than myself. My clients tell me I am easy to be around. I love that!


I am dedicated to building and constantly improving every aspect of my business. From the right back up gear, insurance, contracts and licensing, to continuing education, competitions and charitable work in my community, I truly love photography as a career.

Family First

I value your time and investment just as much as I value my own. I enjoy making great photos and videos for my wonderful clients. Even more, I love that the work of my hands supports the lifestyle that my family needs to thrive. It is my husband and children that drive my success!

Amy Henderson Photography | Sandpoint, Schweitzer and Priest Lake, Idaho